Sky Pup

What is a Sky Pup?

The Sky Pup is a FAR Part 103 legal ultralight airplane. This means that it can legally be flown without a pilot's license. Of course, you would be crazy to fly without some instruction.

It is not a kit. You buy the plans and then construct every part (except hardware) yourself. It was designed to be constructed out of readily available materials: wood (mostly Douglas Fir and some hardwood), styrofoam (Blue Dow insulation board), fabric (dacron or polyester), sundry pieces of aircraft grade steel, aluminum and hardware, and epoxy glue. All the construction is done with ordinary handtools (table saw, drill press, maybe a bandsaw being the most exotic). It is flown with a lightweight 15-20 hp engine. It has 31 foot wingspan, 16 foot long, weighs 200 to 220 lbs if built carefully and will carry a gross load of 400 lbs and have an initial climb rate of approximately 400-450 fpm. Please note: heavier pilots will want to consider a diet or a different aircraft.

This Wiki exists to help builders and potential builders answer those roadblock questions that may hinder their quest for the sky.

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